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WOGSA 2018



     Welcome to the WOGSA for 2018. The off season seems to go by quicker every year but we are excited to get things rolling again, hopefully we have some warmer weather on the horizon, it has certainly been a slow moving spring.

     This past December the WOGSA Board of Directors met for our annual meeting to discuss the state and direction of our Association. The hard working Board of Directors consists of Trevor Hunter, Angelo Capannelli, Gavin Kellogg, Dennis Piccolo, James Raynor and Dan Sliasas. The WOGSA mandate is to keep our meetings relaxed, fun to attend, and most importantly affordable for all our members. This continues to be challenging in today’s times with the cost of almost everything rising. We as a group are feeling a bit more of a pinch, but we are as determined as ever to try and give our members the best value for their money.

     Areas we will continue to focus on moving forward include:

  • The annual WOGSA membership fee will be $ 30.00
  • The cost of each meeting has been set for the coming season, we are offering an early payment option for 2018, pay for all 4 golf events up front ($320.00) and save the $30.00 membership fee
  • The square deposit method for accepting credit card payments will be available at all events.
  • Anyone attending a meeting who is a golf industry guest will be charged an extra $ 10.00 on top of the day’s fee as a non-member.
  • Instead of golf prizes for our first 3 events, we will award closest to the pins and run a skins game with cash payouts for skins (a $5.00 skins entry fee will be automatically included in the cost of the day) Any donated prizes or leftover cash from the event will be awarded by draw prizes
  • We will be offering free membership to all our retired members, we are always happy to see our older friends!
  • We will again be asking our suppliers for a monetary donation for the Taylor Barnes event this year, the Taylor Barnes event will be run jointly with the OGSA McClumpha event.  
  • We will continue to contribute scholarship awards to several key industry institutions
  • Our primary goal as always is to run affordable, relaxed and informative golf events for our Members and Guests to gather, network, and hopefully learn a bit in the process.

     The Association has done a great job at coming up with a stellar lineup for the coming season, no small feat in today’s challenging financial times. Before I get ahead of myself, let me take a moment to thank our generous event hosts in 2017 which included Steve Phillips at Mt. Elgin GC, Mark McClure at Crosswinds GC, Ryan Surette at Mystic GC, and Ryan Scott at The Club at North Halton, your commitment and support of the WOGSA is greatly appreciated.

     The outstanding WOGSA lineup for 2018:

  •  Thursday June 7th – Willow Valley GC – host Mike Giblin   
  •   Thursday July 19th – Millcroft GC – host Martin Kastrau  
  •   Tuesday August 28th – Turnberry GC – host Shane Courtney
  •  Monday October 1st – Lookout Point CC – host Aldo Bortolon - (joint meeting with the OGSA)

     Lastly our one important reminder, PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION FOR AN EVENT, IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL, AGAIN PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM. As a courtesy to our host clubs and to the Association we need accurate numbers for our events. More and more Clubs charge the Association for the numbers given at registration so if you sign up and don’t show up, the Association is still on the hook for your fee for the day. It is getting increasingly harder to get onto courses so the easier we can make it for our hosts, the better. Please take a moment to update your contact info and return it to us so we have all your current information. As always if you know of someone who may be a potential member, please forward our info to them. We look forward to seeing you at a WOGSA event this year.

For the WOGSA


John Taylor – President



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